Now and then most of us will experience an extra beat or flutter. After gulping that super size caffeine laden soda or perhaps an energy drink, it would not be uncommon to feel a little rapid heart rate or some skipped beats. Sure, that Starbucks cappuccino can do the same thing. In fact, anything with caffeine will tend to increase your heart rate.

Not only drinks, but certain medications can lead to tachycardia or rapid heart rate.  Here are a few examples:Antihistamines often used for colds and itchy rashes; blood pressure medications;medications used to control irregular heart beats not uncommonly can make things worse and some antidepressants.

If you are dehydrated then your heart will beat faster to help even things out. If you have lost blood say from a bleeding ulcer or an accident, your heart will go into overdrive to keep the rest of your body going. If you have a fever, your metabolism is increased and your heart rate will follow.

If you don’t have enough of certain electrolytes such as potassium or magnesium the electrical system which drives the heart can malfunction and cause irregular and fast heart beats. Hyperthyroidism or elevated thyroid hormone will usually jump start your heart.

One common cause is drinking alcohol. And of course let’s not forget all those illicit drugs such as speed, cocaine, marijuana, rave a to mention a few.

Rapid and or irregular heart beat can have many causes. Don’t try to Wikipedia your care. If you feel weak, dizzy, have chest pain or feel like you want to pass out then by all means go the the nearest emergency room right away. It just might save your life.