When babies are born early it is considered a premature birth. Premature babies have a greater risk of developing problems involving the brain. These issues include seizures, developmental delay and hydrocephalus or water in the brain.

The standard theory has been that all of these diseases are related to a premature brain. In other words, if the birth had occurred on time at about 38 to 40 weeks of pregnancy, that there wouldn’t have been any such problems.

Newer research however casts doubt on this theory. In fact, it just might be that something else affects the brains of premature babies and causes early birth as well.

Why is this important? If whatever affects fetal brains in a negative way is discovered, it is then possible that a fix can be found. This fix could avoid both the brain issues and the premature birth.

Furthermore, premature births can lead to many other serious issues involving other organs such as the lung, hearts and kidneys. If there were a way to figure out what puts these mothers at risk of premature birth, then proper treatment can be taken to avoid such early births.

Without a doubt, certain behaviors are not recommended during pregnancy. This list includes smoking, drinking alcohol and using illicit drugs. Remember whatever you as a pregnant mother does, your baby participates.