Nobody plans on a sudden death. I mean you don’t walk out of your house and think, “Jee I could be hit by a drunk driver, have a heart attack or be struck by a meteorite. Yet, as my father was so found of saying: Man plans and God laughs.

Why I am bringing up this depressing topic? Well, we live in a golden age where our death can lead to another’s life. What I mean is that organ donation can save not just one but many lives.

In fact, just about any organ can be harvested and thus give the gift of life over and over again. This includes the heart, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, colon, liver. eyes and bone marrow.

Most states will have something on the driver’s license, which states that you are a organ donor. In some states, unless you say no, it is assumed that you are willing to donate your organs upon your death.

While it sounds a bit creepy, keeping you alive just long enough so that viable organs can be used, in the end what matters for me, is that my death might lead to another and another and another’s life.

If you have cancer, you cannot donate your organs and certain other conditions will prevent you from being an organ donor as well.

If you have time check out this website: There are incredible, heart wrenching accounts of tragic deaths including children, whose organs were harvested and saved others lives.