There’s been some recent noise about vaccines and autism. There is concern about the preservative Thiomeresal being unhealthy for newborns and leading to autism.

While it true that the number of new autism cases have increased, so too have many other conditions affecting kids including asthma and ADHD. Did vaccines cause these as well?

Vaccines for flu are given each year to many adults (and kids). Adults in this country are becoming more obese. Did the flu vaccine cause adult obesity?

The answer to these questions based on multiple sound studies is a resounding no. Just because more cases are diagnosed doesn’t mean that vaccines caused this. There is simply no cause and effect proven.

Think about this: Kids spend more time on the Internet and more kids are autistic. Does Internet exposure cause autism? Of course not and this is the same kind of convoluted reasoning about an alleged autism vaccine connection.

What vaccines do without a doubt is save lives worldwide thousands upon thousands. Children are our future. We cannot sacrifice their well being due to pseudoscientific falsehoods.