The appendix has been thought of as a useless remnant of evolution. Everyone’s got one and now and then and accept causing appendicitis.

A couple of curious and intelligent scientist completed the study which suggests otherwise.

Looking at over 20 species of animals, they found that The appendix had been present for many generations. The species are thriving.

These scientists suggest that the appendix may have had a role in harboring good bacteria in the gut. Good bacteria helps with our digestion and from recent studies it is clear that our biome or total bacterial type and load influences many aspects of our health.

At least one other study found that people who have had their appendix out did not have as healthy bacteria in their gut compared with those who still have their appendix.

What this does not mean is that if you have appendicitis, you should avoid taking your appendix out. While there are some studies that claim that antibiotics are just as good as appendectomy, this is certainly not standard of care yet. Not taking your inflamed appendix out could lead to serious consequences. These include abscess formation and peritonitis.

Still it is intriguing to know that yes the appendix, which is been criticized in the past is useless, might just be good for something after all.