France has just banned free refills of soda and other sugary drinks. Just why is this newsworthy?

Well, it turns out that about 1 in 6 Europeans are obese and the rate is rising. Here in America the rate is much higher at about 1 in 3 (and 70% of Americans are either overweight or obese).

There is no question that drinking sodas and other high sugar drinks is associated with weight gain. France recognized this and to its credit, France is on the ball with trying to stop this horrible epidemic.

In 2014 France banned vending machines in schools and in 2011 french fries were limited to once weekly at schools. There is a soda tax as well.

In America we should be following the example of our overseas friends. Childhood obesity is becoming out of control. Today’s overweight kids will be tomorrow’s diabetics, and are also at greater risk of suffering heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and multiple cancers.

Water is the best drink and guess what? has absolutely no calories. Schools should also be required to have daily PE.

If your child gets out regularly and off the video, computer or other electronic device, and just moves around inside or outside, he or she will be much the better for it.

If your child’s school won’t ban sodas, you should do so at your home.