Prescription medication isn’t always cheap. Sure, for those of us fortunate enough to have insurance, at least some of the costs are covered. Still, out of pocket money can amount to hundreds of dollars monthly or even more.

Some but not drug companies will offer special discounts for qualified patients, but more often than not these discounts are for only a short time. After the discount expires, the drug price rises drastically.

Finding a pharmacy outside the country to fill prescriptions is one option, but potentially a dangerous one. That is because other countries may not regulate the medications as well as here, or you might run the risk of not getting the medication prescribed. If you find a internet deal that is too good to be true, it probably is.

A few providers might be willing to give a prescription for double the dose and thus the prescription will at least theoretically last twice as long. Insurance companies however are pretty savvy about this and eventually the dose might have to be changed back to the lower level.

Splitting pills and taking 1/2 the dose is definitely not a good idea. For one, taking 1/2 prescribed medication means that you get 1/2 the dose recommended by your provider. Not wise if for example your blood pressure goes through the roof because your not taking the right amount of blood pressure med. Even more dangerous is trying to split pills that weren’t meant to be split-that is especially true with long acting medications. You might end up with a toxic amount of the drug in your system, with some serious side effects.

Good luck writing the drug company, whose board of directors all too often more interested in the price of their stock than in your welfare.

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