There’s a new hazard for dogs out there and it’s human caused. Many states have legalized marijuana, with the result that more and more people are smoking or eating this product. Cities with larger populations have of course more marijuana users.

What happens to the marijuana leftover joints? The same thing that happens when marijuana brownies are only partially eaten-they are often left on the ground. In an ideal world every person who partakes of marijuana, would properly dispose of it.

Last week my family and I were in Portland OR. As is our usual custom, we took a walk with our two dogs. The smaller one, a miniature schnauzer, grabbed something off the ground and promptly consumed it, before we could stop her. Happens to the best of dog owners, right?

Well, about 6 hours later the schnauzer was vomiting, listing to one side and had a “starry” look in her eyes. We brought her to the vet, who quickly diagnosed the problem as accidental marijuana ingestion. Luckily our dog did fine. However, according to this vet, this is a major problem for dogs. He sees one or two dogs every day that have managed to munch some dope off the ground.

Not only dog owners, but also parents of young children, should be very careful when walking in an area with known frequent marijuana use.

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