We have all been told to not only brush our teeth regularly but also to use mouthwash. Yes, the obvious benefit of mouthwash is to avoid that embarrassing condition of bad breath or halitosis (the medical term, which sound better).

To make it even more important, there are studies out there which show that regular use of mouthwash, helps prevent gingivitis, which is a painful inflammation of the gums and cavities. Better condition of your teeth, at least according to some recent research may be linked to less of a chance of heart attacks.

Along comes a unsettling study. Overweight individuals, who by virtue of being overweight have an increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, were asked whether or not they use mouthwash. So two groups mouthwash and no mouthwash were followed for several years and guess what? Those who used mouthwash had a significantly higher risk of becoming a diabetic.

You might legitimately ask what does using mouthwash have to do with becoming a diabetic? No one knows for sure, but it might have to do with the chemicals in the mouthwash. You see these chemicals are there to kill off those bacteria, which cause dental decay. However, in the process they also would destroy so called good bacteria. And these good bacteria might just help prevent diabetes.

In this situation, there is no easy answer. Use mouthwash and you will have better teeth and possibly less risk of a heart attack. Don’t use mouthwash and you might be more likely to be a diabetic.

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