Brain Aneurysms: What To Do About Small Ones

Brain aneurysms can be very dangerous. Essentially, they are areas of arteries within the brain which for some reason or another are dilated. With the dilation, the wall of artery is not as strong and more prone to rupture. The larger the artery of course, the more blood which will [...]

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Do Females Make Better Doctors?

About 44% of medical students are female, which is much better percentage than 20 or thirty years ago. Female physicians earn less than their male counterparts, but fortunately that gap is closing. Are female doctors better at their jobs than males? A recent study suggests that, at least for internists, [...]

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First Rules Of Bystander Assistance In Car Accidents

Let's say you are driving, and like every safe driver, are keeping your hands and eyes off your smartphone. In front of you, on a busy road or freeway, you watch in horror as another car rear ends the vehicle in front of you, causing that vehicle to flip. What [...]

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A Pancreatitis Primer

Pancreatitis is a painful condition in which the pancreas becomes irritated. The pancreas is located deep in the abdominal cavity. Pain there is often severe and radiates to the back. Nausea and vomiting are not uncommon. There are many causes of pancreatitis. One of the most common is alcohol, which [...]

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New Treatment For ALS

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS also known as Lou Gehrigs disease) is a horrible neurological disease. The ability to move, speak, and even breath is gradually destroyed as nerves are attacked. Up until now there was only one drug used to slow this disease down. A new medication was recently approved [...]

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Young Children And The Internet: Not Always A Good Idea

According to a recent study children between the ages of 6 months and 2 years who spend time on tablets and computers are more likely to have speech delays. The study involved almost 900 children, 20% of whom on the average spent 28 minutes looking at some computer generated screen. [...]

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When Is A Headache Dangerous?

Not all headaches are created equal. Sure most headaches are benign and can be easily treated with Ibuprofen or Tylenol. What about the ones that might be more concerning? Below is a list of some (not all) "red flag" symptoms, which should prompt you to be seen in the ER: [...]

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What To Do About Finger Sprains

A sprained finger is usually not a big deal. Who hasn't at some time wrenched a finger? Yet occasionally, what appears to be a sprain might be much more. For example, a small fracture could easily be missed if an xray is not done. this fracture, if displaced might cause [...]

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Correct Seat Belt Use In Children Saves Lives

A recent study published in the Journal of Pediatrics offers some really sobering data: Of the children who died in a car crash from 2010-2014, 20% were not buckled at all or the seat belts were fastened incorrectly. Most of the deaths occurred in the South. The rates varied quite [...]

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What Are Bladder Spasms?

Bladder spasms can cause severe pains during before or after urination. Sometimes, these can occur after surgeries. Urinary infections can cause burning on urination and also bladder spasms. The pain is often episodic and is usually located right above the groin in the midline. Alcohol and certain foods at times [...]

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