Lung Bruises: Delay In Symptoms

Just about everyone at some time or another has bumped an arm or leg which is then followed by swelling, discoloration and pain over the injured site. This is a bruise, which in med speak is called a contusion. What if a similar injury (ie bruise or contusion) were to [...]

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What Are Lymph Nodes?

You have a sore throat and then feel some bumps on your neck. Being neurotic (and believe me I know about neuroses), you immediately assume that you have developed some awful, terminal cancer. You rush to your doctor who, after your rapid fire description about your potential last days on [...]

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No Antibiotics For Most Ear Infections

Believe it or not very few middle ear infections actually need antibiotics. You might say-hey it's an infection, isn't it? So antibiotics treat infections, right? Yes, antibiotics do treat infections but only bacterial infections. You could give antibiotics to a patient with a middle ear infections and that patient will [...]

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A New Weapon In The Fight Against A Nasty Bug

MRSA is a infection, unfortunately more and more common, which is resistant to most antibiotics. It is caused by a particular strain of the staphylocccocal bacteria. In years past, this bug could be treated with most antibiotics Fast forward to today, where there are very few antibiotics left which can [...]

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How To Reduce Your Risk Of Pneumococcal Pneumonia

Pneumococcal bacteria can cause a nasty pneumonia, among other conditions. This pneumonia is especially dangerous in older individuals. There are vaccines available which can greatly reduce the chances of getting sick from pneumococcus. This vaccine called Pneumovax, is indicated for all adults older than 65 and those with certain conditions [...]

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Did Your Doctor Wash Her Hands?

There are a lot of germs out there. As doctors, who see many patients daily, it is very important that we wash our hands frequently. In fact it is recommended that doctors wash their hands before and after each and every patient seen. It would be nice if we washed [...]

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Why Shark Fin Soup Is Bad For You and The Planet

Eating shark fin soup not only contributes to the world wide threats to shark population, it turns out that the shark fins are not so great for you. Of course if you believe the pseudoscience around shark fins and myriad health benefits including for sexual prowess, then you probably also [...]

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What To Do About Cuts

You decided to fix your deck, which in retrospect may not have been the best decision. Of course, a quick distraction and you cut your hand with a hand saw? What should you do? If the wound is small-less than one half of inch, no bone is visible and the [...]

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Blood Thinners

Blood thinners are prescribed to prevent blood clots. If you have a blood clot in your leg or lung you will need a blood thinner. If you have a condition which puts you at elevated risk for a blood clot such as atrial fibrillation, then you will also need a [...]

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Massive Increases In Some Generic Drug Prices

To me it is certainly no great surprise that a privately held pharmaceutical company such as Turing has raised its prices on Daraprim, a anti toxoplasmosis medication.This medication which treats a potentially deadly infection, is simply not available from any other company in America. Pharmacy firms are quick to reply [...]

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