Cold Sores

Cold sores also known as apthous stomatitis or chanker sores is a very common and unfortunately very unpleasant disorder. These cold sores involve multiple areas of the mouth. And of course they sting and burn. Certain foods such as citrus or spicy foods can ramp up the pain level significantly. [...]

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Lesser Known Heart Attack Risks

Many of us are well aware of the traditional heart attack risks: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, obesity and family history. What about some of the lesser known but still dangerous risk factors? Being single, which to some might be counter intuitive, not only increases your risk of [...]

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What To Do About Splinters

Almost everybody has experienced the pain and anger which a splinter causes: pain because the darn thing is lodged somewhere usually in your hands or feet and anger because you should have been more careful. Most splinters are just beneath the skin and can be easily removed. Before removing any [...]

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Who Should Take Aspirin?

Aspirin, which costs pennies a pill, stacks up better than many of the thousand dollar per dose medications that are used to treat heart attacks. Furthermore, aspirin has been shown to reduce the risks of  heart attacks, strokes, colon, breast and prostate cancer and possibly even melanoma in women. Sure [...]

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Antibiotic Resistance: A Nightmare Scenario

Humans aren't the only life forms which have evolved. Bacteria have had the benefit of hundreds of millions of years of evolution before humans were even a blip on the planet. These organisms to be sure are  occasionally  our friends, when they hang out in our colon and help us [...]

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Salt Might Increase The Risk Of Autoimmune Diseases

Sure you shouldn't have wolfed down those three slices of salty pepperoni pizza last night. Heck, you don't have diabetes, your blood pressure is fine, your ticker runs great and your gut is a reasonable size. Why worry? Well, in turns out that not only can excessive salt intake lead [...]

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Medications Which Cause Falls

Elderly patients often take many medications. And these medications all have side effects.  Some of these drugs can increase the risk of falling, which for older individuals is a serious risk. A fall fractures a hip, which will result in major surgery, prolonged recovery and increase the risk of dying. [...]

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What To Do About Chapped Lips

Cheilitis or cracked lips is a very common condition, which can make sufferers miserable. The skin just around the lips becomes red and inflamed, causing burning and discomfort. Movement of the lips, which as we all know, occurs almost constantly (think talking, eating and laughing) makes the pain worse. What [...]

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Is The Treatment Worse Than The Cure?

Just because there is a treatment out there, doesn't mean that that treatment is good for everyone. Prostate cancer, for example affects about 80% of males who reach the age of 80. Should this 80% be treated for this cancer? For the most part, absolutely not! Many more men die [...]

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Testosterone Chronicles: The Saga Continues

Testosterone fueled feats just never seem to end. Just when I think that somehow, someway middle aged plus males have finally learned that they are not twenty anymore, along comes another poor schmuck, who illustrates that common sense in some guys is just not common. JR (name withheld to prevent [...]

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